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Novel Prophet Song won 2023 Booker prize

The 2023 Booker Prize, £50,000 prize, is won by Irish author Paul Lynch for his novel Prophet Song, set in an imagined Ireland that is descending into a tyranny; a…

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Constitution Day 2023

Constitution Day is celebrated on November 26 every year to mark the day on which the Indian Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly. The  government declared November 26 to be observed as Constitution…

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WHO: The misuse of antimicrobials, rendering infections more challenging to treat

As per a survey, of 14 countries, mostly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, by the World Health Organization,  misuse of antibiotics denting their efficacy and spawning resistant bacteria which…

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Supreme Court: Governors can’t delay bills indefinitely veto legislative action: Basics Explained

November 10 verdict on the Punjab Government’s petition against Governor Banwarilal Purohit sitting over Bills passed by the state assembly was released on 23rd November 2023. The Supreme Court has…

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