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The Ram temple in Ayodhya is being built in the Nagara style of temple architecture

The Ram temple in Ayodhya will be inaugurated on January 22 ;  is being built in the Nagara style of temple architecture. Nagara’s style of architecture mostly consists of Garbagriha,…

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K shaped recovery in India: Basics Explained

READ: India’s K-shaped recovery debate has economists divided | Mint ( There is no consensus among economists regarding whether India is indeed in the throes of a K-shaped recovery or…

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Artificial Intelligence and Cancer Detection: Basics Explained

READ: How AI can help detect cancer and why India’s biggest cancer treatment hospital is utilising it ( Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), the biggest cancer…

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Indus Valley Civilization script: Basics Explained

READ: The mystery of the Indus script: Dravidian, Sanskrit or not a language at all? ( Though after more the 100 years that Indus Valley Civilisation (IVC) was first discovered…

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Restriction of ethanol production: Basics Explained

READ: Express View on restriction of ethanol production: Food vs fuel ( The Food Ministry, 4th Dec, instructed all sugar mills and distilleries to refrain from using sugarcane juice/sugar syrup…

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In world first UK approves gene therapy for sickle cell disease: Basics Explained  

READ:UK approves gene therapy for sickle cell anaemia. Why it offers hope for Indian patients ( Recently, the United Kingdom became the first country to approve the use of the…

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Ragging at Jadavpur University: Basics Explained

READ: Ragging at Jadavpur University: What the law says about the issue ( Last week in the Jadavpur University campus in Kolkata An 18-year-old undergraduate died and the family alleged…

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Deflation in China: Basics Explained

China’s economy has slipped into deflation as consumer prices declined in July for the first time in more than two years. The official consumer price index, a measure of inflation,…

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No Confidence Motion: Basics Explained

Discussion is taking place in the Lok Sabha  on a no-confidence motion.             In a parliamentary democracy, a government can be in power only if it commands a majority in…

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Governor R N Ravi orders minister’s dismissal: Basics Explained

READ: The above article talks about the recent order of the Governor of Tami Nadu to dismiss Tamil Nadu minister under investigation by the state police and the Enforcement…

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