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Climate Change: Causes, Effects and International agreements

CLIMATE CHANGE:  Climate Change refers to any change in climate over time whether due to natural variability or as a result of human activity. ANTHROPOGENIC CLIMATE CHANGE is a change…

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The sitars and tanpuras of Miraj awarded Geographical Indication

Coveted Geographical Indication (GI) tags have been awarded to sitars and tanpuras of Miraj. The town is in Maharashtra’s Sangli district is famous for its craftsmanship in making musical instruments…

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A Guide to Total Solar Eclipse Today

On Monday, April 8, the sky will momentarily darken in many parts of the world which will be in the path of totality during the 2024 solar eclipse. India’s solar…

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Earthquake struck Taiwan, triggers tsunami alert

Today, on, April 3, a powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan’s eastern region just before 8 am local time, triggering tsunami alerts for the self-governing island and certain areas of southern…

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What is Air Pollution; Particular Matter

LEARNING FROM HOME/ WITHOUT CLASSES/ BASICS Particular Matter PM 2.5 means particulate matter in the air – caused by motor exhaust or anything combustible – that is less than 2.5…

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TSUNAMI The word tsunami (pronounced tsoo-nah’-mee) is composed of the Japanese words “tsu” (which means harbor) and “nami” (which means “wave”). A tsunami is a series of large waves of…

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El Niño conditions are expected to transition to a ‘neutral’ phase: IMD

Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Director General of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), mentioned on Friday that the ongoing El Niño conditions are expected to transition to a ‘neutral’ phase before the onset…

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Human-wildlife conflict: A way out

Recently incidences of wild animals — mainly elephants, tigers, bison, and wild boars — attacking human beings have been reported from the state of Kerala. Man-animal conflict simply refers to…

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Leap Day: Basics Explained

The Earth completes its orbit around the Sun, constituting a solar year, in roughly 365.25 days. Typically, we round this duration to 365 days in a calendar year. To compensate…

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Strongest Solar Flare in the Solar Cycle 25: Basics Explained

NASA reported that on Thursday, February 22, the Sun emitted a remarkably powerful solar flare, registering as an X6.3 on the scale. The classification X denotes the utmost intensity of…

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