The Ram temple in Ayodhya is being built in the Nagara style of temple architecture

The Ram temple in Ayodhya will be inaugurated on January 22 ;  is being built in the Nagara style of temple architecture.

Nagara’s style of architecture mostly consists of Garbagriha, Mandapa, Natyamandir, and Bhogamandir.



Hindu Temples have been classified into:

  • Nagara or northern style is marked by a tower with a rounded top and curvilinear outline.
  • The Dravidian or Southern style has the tower usually in the shape of a rectangular truncated pyramid.
  • The Vesara or hybrid style as in Deccan
Nagara StyleDravida StyleVesara Style
Northern regionSouthern regionThe Shikhara of the temple are curvilinear
They don’t have an enclosureThe region between Vindhyas and Krishna(mainly Karnataka) Vesara means “mule” in Sanskrit. It’s like a mix of two types of building styles called Nagara and Dravida. The kings of Chalukya in the Deccan area had a big influence on how these temples were built and improved. That’s why people also call this way of building temples the “Chalukyan Style of Temple Architecture.”
Pillars do not play an important rolePillars are an important part of the architecture Vimana: This is like a special part
(Holy space) inside a temple.
Shikhara: A tower or structure above the inner holy place. In some temples, the top part is also called Shikhara.
Gavakshas: Fancy arches on the tower that look like horseshoes.
Amalakas: A round, ribbed disc on the very top of the tower.
Stupi: A small model of a stupa placed at the top of the tower.
Shalas: The tower ends with a curved vault known as shala.
Pediment: A round area above two columns that is often decorated.
They don’t have enclosureThey have enclosures with Gopurams 
They have three vertical partsThey have six vertical parts 
Tanks are absent.Tanks are an  important element 
Muktesvara Temple, It is square in plan 
Rajarani Temple, Lingaraja Temple, Sun TempleBrihadeeswarar Temple, Pattadakal Virupaksha, Shore Temple;PALLAVA: Mahabalipuram;Kailashanatha and Vanikunthaperumal Temple  Lad Khan Temple,Durga Temple, Karnataka, Aihole


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