What is the Human Development Index

LEARNING FROM HOME/ WITHOUT CLASSES/BASICS Pakistani economist Mahbub-ul-Haq developed Human Development Index (HDI) as a measure to track progress on three key dimensions of human development — a long and healthy life, access to education, and a decent standard of living in 1990 with the objective — “people are the real wealth of nations”. It is calculated using the following four indicatorslife expectancy at birth, mean years of schooling, expected years of schooling, and the per capita Gross National Income. A report on the Human Development Index (HDI) is part of the Human Development Report (HDR) released by the United Nations Development Programme.

5 set of human development indices that the HDR compiles. These include:

1. HDI

2. Inequality-adjusted HDI

3. Gender Development Index

4. Gender Inequality Index

5. Multidimensional Poverty Index

Human Development Index is divided into 4 tiers

<!1.   Very High Human Development (0.8- 1.0)

<!2.    High Human Development (0.7- 0.79)

<3.    Medium Human Development (0.55-.70)

<!4.    Low Human Development (below 0.55)


<!1.    Human Development Index(HDI)

 SHAPE  \* MERGEFORMAT  HDI refers to the assessment of the average achievements in three basic dimensions of human development – long and healthy life, access to education, and decent standard of living.

2. Inequality-adjusted HDI (IHDI)

It shows  the income inequality in India but also looks at how much of a country’s HDI falls if one were to adjust or correct it for the inequality in the country. The relative difference between IHDI and HDI values is the loss due to inequality in the distribution of the HDI within the country.


3. Gender Development Index (GDI)

The GDI essentially estimates HDI values for women and men and then looks at the ratio. The closer this ratio is to 1, the smaller the gender gap between women and men in HDI terms.

4. Gender Inequality Index (GII)

The GII looks at the issue of gender inequality by preparing a composite measure using three dimensions: reproductive health, empowerment, and the labor market. The reproductive health indicators are maternal mortality ratio and adolescent.

5. Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)

The Multidimensional Poverty Index captures the multiple deprivations that people in developing countries face in their health, education, and standard of living.


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