Parliament and Cash for question row: Basics Explained

Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra is accused by BJP Member of Parliament of asking questions in Lok Sabha in lieu of cash.

Generally, the first hour of a  sitting of the Lok Sabha is devoted to Questions and that hour is called the Question Hour.

Questions are of four types: Starred, Unstarred, Short Notice Questions, and Questions addressed to Private Members.

A Starred Question is one to which a member desires an oral answer in the House and which is distinguished by an asterisk mark. When a question is answered orally, supplementary questions can be asked thereon. Only 20 questions can be listed for oral answer on a day.

           An Unstarred Question is one which is not called for oral answer in the House and on which no supplementary questions can consequently be asked. To such a question, a written answer is deemed to have been laid on the Table after the Question Hour by the Minister to whom it is addressed. Only 230 questions can be listed for written answers on a day.

           A Short Notice Question is one which relates to a matter of urgent public importance and can be asked with a shorter notice than the period of notice prescribed for an ordinary question. Like a Starred Question, it is answered orally, followed by supplementary questions.

               The Question to a Private Member is addressed to the Member herself/ himself and it is asked when the subject-matter of it pertains to any Bill, Resolution or any matter relating to the Business of the House for which that Member is responsible. The List of Starred, Unstarred, Short Notice Questions and Questions to Private Members are printed in green, white, light pink and yellow colour, respectively, to distinguish them from one another.


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