Monkeypox Virus: Basics Explained

Cases of Monkeypox are being investigated in European countries as well as the US, Canada and Australia, according to health authorities and local media reports. The latest new cases were reported in France, Italy, Sweden and Australia.

Monkeypox, aviral zoonotic disease, is caused by the monkeypox virus, a member of the Orthopoxvirus genus in the family Poxviridae, including smallpox and other virulent diseases

It occurs primarily in tropical rainforest areas of Central and West Africa and is occasionally exported to other regions. Monkeypox is less contagious than smallpox and causes less severe illness. usually, a self-limited disease withsymptoms lasting from 2 to 4 weeks. Monkeypox typically presents clinically with fever, rash, and swollen lymph nodes and may lead to a range of medical complications.

Monkeypox is transmitted to humans through close contact with an infected person or animal, or with material contaminated with the virus. Monkeypox virus is transmitted from one person to another by close contact with lesions, body fluids, respiratory droplets, and contaminated materials such as bedding.

Vaccines used during the smallpox eradication program also provided protection against monkeypox. Newer vaccines have been developed of which one has been approved for the prevention of monkeypox


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