Indian Navy inducts indigenously developed anti-torpedo decoy system Maareech

The Indian Navy  has inducted an advanced anti-torpedo decoy system called ‘Maareech’ that is capable of being fired from all frontline ships.

Maareech’ has been designed and developed indigenously by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and it is capable of detecting, locating and neutralizing incoming torpedo.

The anti-torpedo system, which is equipped with sonars and towed and expendable decoys, is capable of detecting, confusing, diverting and decoying the incoming torpedoes. The decoy helps in exhausting the energy of the torpedo by running the later through long and ineffective course and prevents them from homing in to the targeted platform with its advanced counter-measure capabilities.

A torpedo is essentially a guided missile that happens to “fly” underwater. A torpedo therefore has a propulsion system, a guidance system and some sort of explosive device.


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