Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has inaugurated the new Rail Drishti Dashboard portal – raildrishti.cris.org.in.

  1. The portal- people will be easily able to access information related to Indian Railways, get details of freight trains and passengers trains as well as rail time table.
  2. People can view live feeds of various railway kitchens across the country among other facilities, through the newly introduced Rail Drishti Dashboard.  
  3. Rail Drishti Dashboard will bring transparency in Indian Railways.PNR enquiry, status of Mail/Express trains or any real-time data about Indian Railways is now available at the click of a button on the new digital portal.
  4. Under its service category, the Rail Drishti Dashboard provides information such as PNR Enquiry, Complaint Enquiry, Tender Enquiry, ODC Enquiry, Shramik Enquiry and FNR Enquiry.
  5.  It also gives access to Sugam – a freight app. Under this category, users can get booking information like freight calculator, freight rates, booked route information, terminal details etc.
  6.  The Rail Drishti Dashboard also provides information on how many Mail or Express trains and suburban trains are running at the moment. A train search option has also been provided to find the details of any desired train easily.
  7. Achievements of Indian Railways can also be found in the Rail Drishti Dashboard including redevelopment of railway stations, electrification of rail lines, signalling, cleanliness on railway tracks, catering etc. State-wise information on this is also available.
  8.  People can also get information on the heritage of Indian Railways, including details on residential colonies by railways, timetables from the past, railway heritage in the North East, Regional Rail Museum of Howrah etc.
  9.  The Rail Drishti Dashboard also provides information on freight earnings on the basis of commodity-wise and zone wise. Moreover, information on freight loading and unloading is also available on the portal.
  10.  In a bid to make the mechanism more transparent, details on passenger earnings, unreserved ticketing of suburban as well as non-suburban railways have been made available as well.
  11.  The portal also gives data on expenditure (revenue) as well as expenditure (works) of Indian Railways. It also highlights the zone with the lowest percentage increase in revenue expenditure.
  12.  Information on bills paid by Indian Railways and bills that are pending is available as well. Zone-wise data is also available.


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