EDMC launched waste-to-compost project at Trilokpuri

East Delhi Municipal Corporation has set up a waste-to-compost project at Trilokpuri under Swachh Bharat Mission for decentralization of household waste management. The project was launched by Deputy Mayor of East Delhi, Ms Kiran Vaid. The project is a first-of-its-kind and is based on PPP model being implemented in a resettlement colony of Trilokpuri.

Ms Kiran Vaid informed that the phase 1 of the project involves door-to-door waste collection service for about 2500 household from Block 13 and 25 of Trilokpuri. She added that all households are being provided two dustbins to segregate their waste. Besides, they are also being educated to segregate their waste into dry and wet waste through live demonstrations and sessions.

The wet (Green) waste is being transported to the vermin-composting pits at the site near Mahila Park. The project, once successful, would not only reduce the cost incurred for the collection, transportation and disposal of waste by the municipal authority but also, help reduce burden on landfill sites, enhance environmental awareness among people of Trilokpuri and engage informal sector in managing waste.

She said that the project is being run by EDMC in collaboration with Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE). It has also been supported by CII and funded under CSR by Sleepwell and co-funded by IGL and DCM Shriram Industries.


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